Irukandji Sicario DTF 100mm Rigged Soft Plastic


Based on the cult favourite Sicario template, these lures come pre-rigged with the highest quality terminal tackle, ready to fish direct from the box. Using BKK Viper41 4x Trebles, and BKK HD split rings these pack the combination of sharpness and strength necessary to take on the largest predators.

Product Specs


With the same signature tail beat and unique body roll as the rest of the Sicario range, these lures are manufactured from our “Immortal” TPE elastomer material for extreme durability, to allow you to keep on casting fish after fish.

  • Internal Weight: 10g
  • Total Weight: 19g
  • Hooks – 1 x BKK Viper #5 Treble
  • Recommended Rigging:  – Simply Tie On And Fish
  • 1 Lure Per Pack