Daiwa 23 Kix Spin Reels


Australia’s demand for light tackle heavy duty spinning reels is like no other, and Daiwa has redeveloped the KIX range of spinning reels to suit. Now featuring AIRDRIVE Design, KIX’s rotor and bail arm have been redeveloped to reduce overall weight but importantly reduce the winding resistance, making the handle easier to turn.

Product Specs

23 KIX 2000D5.3:1 (70cm)215g5+1BB5kgPE 0.8/300m
23 KIX 2500D5.3:1 (75cm)220g5+1BB10kgPE 1.2/300m
23 KIX 3000D-C5.2:1 (77cm)245g5+1BB10kgPE 1.5/300m
23 KIX 4000D-C5.2:1 (82cm)260g5+1BB12kgPE 2/300m
23 KIX 5000D-C5.2:1 (87cm)275g5+1BB12kgPE 2.5/300m

The 23 KIX also features key DAIWA technologies like MAGSEAL, to further protect the inner workings of the body. 23 KIX is designed and developed specifically for the Australian market, and perfectly harmonises with the requirements of modern Australian anglers.


Daiwa’s new Airdrive Design, a four pillar (Airdrive Rotor, Airdrive Bail, Airdrive Spool, and Airdrive Shaft) design concept that reduces weight, and enhances rotational smoothness and responsiveness to create a reel that is next level in both form and function.


Ultimate protection is delivered to the engine room of the reel with a magnetised oil seal located on the main shaft of the reel’s rotor shutting the door to the elements and unwanted intruders. Dust, water, and salt intrusion into the inner workings of a reel are a thing of the past with MagSeal.


Rock solid in strength and performance, alloy is tailor made for Australian conditions and allows a reel to be created that is light, yet strong, and supremely rigid and highly corrosion resistant.


A further evolution of its predecessor Digigear, Tough Digigear is our brand new digitally designed, machine cut gearing system that ensures ultimate gear precision, rotational smoothness, and strength.