Daiwa 21 TD Black MQ Spin Reel


Understated in looks yet outgoing in design and performance the TD Black spin reel range is elevated to another level with the release of the TD Black MQ. Combining Daiwa’s advanced ZAION V material with Monocoque body (MQ) design results in a TD Black reel that is lighter, stronger, and more precision designed than ever before. Bream, Bass, Snapper the TD Black reel has you covered.


Product Specs

21 TD BLACK MQ 2000S5.2175g6BB (1CRBB); 1RBPE 0.4/ 300M5kg
21 TD BLACK MQ 2500D5.3190g6BB (1CRBB); 1RBPE 1.2/ 300M10kg
21 TD BLACK MQ 2500S5.2195g6BB (1CRBB); 1RBPE 0.6/ 200M5kg
21 TD BLACK MQ 3000D5.3215g6BB (1CRBB); 1RBPE 1.5/ 300M10kg
21 TD BLACK MQ 4000D-C5.2230g6BB (1CRBB); 1RBPE 2/ 300M12kg

Daiwa’s biggest evolution in spin reel design, MQ allows for the use of larger gears for enhanced power, precision and longevity, with its single piece construction increasing body strength and rigidity and eliminating unwanted water and grime ingress into the reel.

The TD Black MQ’s list of designs and features doesn’t end there with LT Concept combining with Tough Digigear for optimum reel power and refinement, while ZAION Air Rotor allows for flawless rotational balance and minimal start up inertia.

A Magsealed body provides unmatched protection from the elements, and ATD Drag delivers ultra-smooth stopping power and control. LT’s Long Cast ABS spool, Machine Cut Screw-In Handle, Airbail, and CRBB bearings complete the TD Black MQ’s extensive list of design features and technologies and combine to make this one of the standout reels for 2021.