Daiwa 24 Certate LT Reel



The ’24 Certate is without doubt, the most eagerly awaited product to land this year. Daiwa’s innovative mindset and craftmanship has combined over the last 60 years to create a reel you can use with absolute confidence. With a range spanning from the lightest of bream/trout applications in the 2000 sizes right through pelagic spinning options in the 5000 ARK alternatives, there’s a reel here that will suit your needs allowing you to experience the amazing piece of technology that is the new ’24 Certate.

Product Specs

24 CERTATE FC LT 2000S-P10CRBB; 1RB5kg4.9 (64cm)PE# 0.4/200m170gLight Tackle – Bream, TroutSmall
24 CERTATE FC LT 2500S10CRBB; 1RB5kg5.1 (72cm)PE# 0.6/200m175gLight Tackle – Bream, Perch, Bass, TroutSmall
24 CERTATE (G) FC LT 2000-P10CRBB; 1RB5kg4.9 (64cm)PE# 0.6/200m170gLight Tackle – Bream, TroutSmall
24 CERTATE (G) FC LT 250010CRBB; 1RB5kg5.1 (72cm)PE# 0.8/200m175gLight Tackle – Bream, Perch, Flathead, TroutSmall
24 CERTATE (G) FC LT 2500-XH10CRBB; 1RB5kg6.2 (87cm)PE# 0.8/200m175gLight Tackle – Estuary, Light FreshwaterT-Knob Standard
24 CERTATE (G) LT 2500D10CRBB; 1RB10kg5.2 (73cm)PE# 1.2/300m205gMedium/Light Tackle – Estuary, Freshwater, Light InshoreT-Knob Standard
24 CERTATE (G) LT 3000D-CH10CRBB; 1RB10kg5.7 (85cm)PE# 1.5/300m205gMedium Tackle – Estuary, Freshwater, InshoreT-Knob Standard
24 CERTATE (G) LT 3000D10CRBB; 1RB10kg5.2 (77cm)PE# 1.5/300m225gMedium Tackle – Heavy Estuary, Inshore, Light OffshoreT-Knob Large
24 CERTATE (G) LT 3000D-XH10CRBB; 1RB10kg6.2 (93cm)PE# 1.5/300m225gMedium Tackle – Heavy Estuary, Inshore, Light OffshoreT-Knob Large
24 CERTATE (G) LT 4000D-C-ARK10CRBB; 1RB12kg5.2 (82cm)PE# 2/300m255gMedium/Heavy Tackle – Light Jigging, Offshore Plastics, Heavy EstuaryARK Knob
24 CERTATE (G) LT 4000D-CXH-ARK10CRBB; 1RB12kg6.2 (99cm)PE# 2/300m255gMedium/Heavy Tackle – Light Jigging, Offshore Plastics, Heavy EstuaryARK Knob
24 CERTATE (G) LT 5000D-ARK10CRBB; 1RB12kg5.2 (87cm)PE# 2.5/300m305gHeavy Tackle – Jigging, Stickbaits, Heavy PlasticsARK Knob
24 CERTATE (G) LT 5000D-XH-ARK10CRBB; 1RB12kg6.2 (105cm)PE# 2.5/300m305gHeavy Tackle – Pelagic Spinning, Stickbaits, Heavy PlasticsARK Knob

MQ Technology

Full metal (AL) Monocoque Body, a symbol of Strength. The pursuit of power, rigidity, and durability never stops.

Full metal Monocoque Body made of aluminium symbolizes the strength that no other reels can provide. An identity that has earned Certate the trust of a wide range of anglers over the years. The desire to be strong and tough wherever possible made 24 Certate even stronger. Special surface treatment has been added to increase hardness of the drive gear and water resistance has been improved on the handle side, in addition, the drags and pinions of some of the larger models are reinforced to SALTIGA-equivalent specifications. Certate is always a tough spinning reel that can be used for many years to come. The quality and strength of the product is the proof of its reliability, which has been widely used across the globe regardless of the target.

Airdrive Design

Equipped with Daiwa’s latest technology, Airdrive Design, Evolution of LT and Real Four, providing Ultimate Control. “Airdrive Design” is the next generation of spinning reel design concept. The 24 Certate implements this cutting-edge technology in the front unit, providing anglers with the superior operability with maximum power and rigidity.

This landmark evolution has two major implications for the history of Certate. One is the culmination of the LT concept, reached with the Monocoque Body. The other is the Real Four concept that has been carried on from the first Certate which revolutionised spinning reels in 2004.The Real Control was the last piece that needed innovative evolution, this has now been achieved with the 24 Certate through the innovative technology of Airdrive Design.



“Come next year the CERTATE, particularly the 4000 will be my snapper staple. That will be my go-to snapper reel and when I venture north it will double as a flats outfit, plasticing for coral trout, spangled emperor and all the ooglies on the reef flats. But, this will be 100% my go-to snapper reel locally”.

“The drag pressure is a super smooth consistent pull.”


“These things are powerful, I’ve gotta say for a small reel they are light in the hand. Everything about them feels like a heavy duty reel but, they are actually super light weight.”

“The drag is solid, feels like it is endless drag, I was scared to keep tightening up. It is so smooth it doesn’t feel as though it is getting tighter.”