Shimano Beastmaster 14000XC


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The Shimano Beastmaster 24 XC Spin Reel emerges as an ideal companion for those embarking on mid to long-range fishing endeavours. Its entry-level status belies the advanced technology it shares with higher-end Shimano reels. Experience the perfect blend of affordability and performance, encapsulated in a reel that boasts the Super Slow 5 oscillation and Parallel Body design for notable casting length. Equipped with the robust HAGANE Gear and a formidable 20kg maximum drag, the Beastmaster ensures smooth power and control in every tug. Its construction is a testament to Shimano’s commitment to durability and quality, providing anglers the confidence to tackle surf fishing challenges without breaking the bank.

Product Specs



  • Super Slow 5 Oscillation for longer casts
  • Parallel Body design reduces line slap
  • HAGANE Gear for enduring smoothness
  • 20kg maximum drag for great fighting power
  • Silent Drive for quiet operation
  • G Free Body for comfort and less fatigue
  • AR-C Spool for reduced line troubles