Daiwa 23 Exceler LT Spin Reels


The last version of Daiwa’s Exceler range of spinning reels debuted the LT ‘Light and Tough’ Design Concept. Now, some six years on Exceler is getting another major overhaul with the introduction of AIRDRIVE Design.

Product Specs

23 EXCELER LT 2000D5.2:1 (68cm)180g5+1BB5kgPE 0.8/300m
23 EXCELER LT 25005.3:1 (75cm)195g5+1BB10kgPE 0.8/200m
23 EXCELER LT 3000D-C5.3:1 (80cm)200g5+1BB10kgPE 1.5/300m
23 EXCELER LT 4000D-C5.2:1 (82cm)225g5+1BB12kgPE 2/300m
23 EXCELER LT 5000D-C5.2:1 (87cm)230g5+1BB12kgPE 2.5/300m
23 EXCELER LT 6000D5.1:1 (92cm)305g5+1BB12kgPE 3/300m

Sporting the newly developed AIRDRIVE ROTOR, 23 Exceler is not only lighter than previous generations, but easier to wind the handle thanks to lower start-up inertia brought possible by AIRDRIVE Design. The new rotor and bail wire totally changes the previous design and makes the initial rotation of the handle light as a feather. A tough, dependable light tackle reel for all skill levels, 23 Exceler is sure to be as big a hit as ever.


Daiwa’s new Airdrive Design, a four pillar (Airdrive Rotor, Airdrive Bail, Airdrive Spool, and Airdrive Shaft) design concept that reduces weight, and enhances rotational smoothness and responsiveness to create a reel that is next level in both form and function.


A new generation of lightweight Daiwa’s resin and carbon material. The Zaion V material is both strong and incredibly lightweight.


Compared to conventional spools, the LC-ABS has been shown to increase the average flight distance by approx. 5% due to its reduced weight and modified shape.


A further evolution of its predecessor Digigear, Tough Digigear is our brand new digitally designed, machine cut gearing system that ensures ultimate gear precision, rotational smoothness, and strength.