Shimano Sustain FJ Reel


The Sustain series is one of the strongest in the Magnum Lite range. Re-engineered from top to bottom, the new sustain series features a range of new upgrades like MicroModule II and MGL Rotor to improve its finesse and on water performance.

Product Specs

SUSTAIN FJ 2500 HG8+196.0:1893/18010/150210
SUSTAIN FJ 4000 XG8+1136.2:11016/16015/230260
SUSTAIN FJ COMPACT 3000 HG8+196.0:1894/15010/200210
SUSTAIN FJ COMPACT 5000 XG8+1136.2:11016/20020/260270

This model incorporates MGL rotor to create light a start-up which allows the angler to wind faster and set the hooks quicker. Combining the MGL Rotor with the Hagane body produces a light, yet strong reel that can handle big saltwater battles. It is lighter than its predecessor and the Sustain now features a Long Stroke Spool to provide anglers with improved casting distance. MicroModule II gearing is combined with Shimano’s cold forged Hagane Gear and Silent Drive technologies — for smoother reeling performance. The matte black finish with gold trim and 8+1 ball bearings is sure to impress all anglers and the new feature upgrades will keep turning the heads of hard fighting fish.