Daiwa Saltiga IC300


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SALTIGA IC 300 is a new intelligent control overhead with line counter and retrieve speed function on the conveniently placed LCD display on the top of the frame.

Product Specs

21 SALTIGA IC30010CRBB,1MSBB10kg6.3PE1.2/600m; PE3/250m385g

Designed to maximise anglers efficiency on the water when targetting bottom dwelling species that often suspend off the bottom such as snapper and pearl perch. Saltiga’s line counter system enables precise lure control to maximise your time in the strike zone.

Full HYPERDRIVE DESIGN concept has been utilised in SALTIGA IC 300 and you’ll instantly feel the benefits of the newly designed HYPERDRIVE DIGIGEAR. A new gear design which greatly increases gear durability and ease of winding under load.

10kg of ATD drag is perfectly suited to the PE2- 3 line class that is recommended for this reel. A powerful single handle with alloy ball knob gives a sturdy feel when reeling and fighting powerful fish.

A waterproof battery housing on the palming side of the reel powers the LCD display and line counter module, this can be replaced easily once depleted.