Nomad Madscad Slow Sink 90mm


The MADSCAD AT 90mm Slow Sink features the Patented Autotune System to create a twitch-bait with a unique action. The body shape has been designed for extra long-distance casting to cover more water.

Product Specs


The Autotune System allows more movement at the line tie point and creates a wide, yet natural, side-to-side swimming action when retrieved. When twitched and paused it has a side-to-side wiggle as it slowly sinks making it look like a wounded baitfish. It can be worked fast or slow depending on the situation and is deadly for just about every inshore coastal species.

AUTOTUNE | SLOW SINK | Length: 90mm Weight: 22g Depth: Slow Sinking BKK Diablo 5X Singles 1/0