Barambah B60 Diver Hardbody


Australia’s most versatile native diving lure. The B60 can be worked either slow, shallow and wide when snag casting –  Or fast, deep and tight to over 7m in depth for impoundment trolling. It is an extremely buoyant and snag resistant lure with a small profile, but big enough to rig with beefy BKK trebles to handle Bass, Golden Perch and Murray Cod.

Product Specs


To add to its versatility, Chin Nuts can be added to the chin eyelet to reduce buoyancy and increase depth capabilities. Tournament anglers are frothing over the release of the B60 for its long lining ability, to get down into the zone more quickly and stay there as required.

Depending on the weight you add, this lure will reach 12m plus depths on the cast or troll, and can be worked extremely slowly across the bottom, with just enough positive bouyancy.

Developed by Matt Fraser in 2017 as a timber lure, it is a proven tournament winning design, now available in the production range to the public.