Bassday Logs 140S Sinking Lure


The Bassday Logs stands out from other fishing lures with its unique shape and realistic movement, making it an excellent choice for attracting a wide variety of fish species. Both the Bassday Logs 124S and 140S are sinking models, providing anglers with numerous options to explore different depths and environments.

Product Specs


Crafted with precision, the Bassday Logs features a slim body design and a weight distribution system that enables accurate casting and presentation. Its slow sinking action flawlessly mimics the movement of a dying fish, effectively enticing hungry predators for an irresistible strike.

The Bassday Logs 140S comes in a range of vibrant colours, ensuring suitability for various fishing conditions. Equipped with high-quality treble hooks, this fishing lure guarantees a secure and reliable hookset, giving anglers the confidence they need.

“Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, the Bassday Logs is poised to become an essential addition to your tackle box,” said Michael Starkey of Frogleys Offshore. “With its versatile design, realistic movement, and superior craftsmanship, the Bassday Logs offers an exceptional fishing experience.”

Bassday is renowned for its commitment to providing high-quality fishing gear, and the introduction of the Bassday Logs 124S and 140S continues this tradition. Anglers can rely on Bassday’s expertise and dedication to deliver products that enhance their fishing adventures.

The Bassday Logs 124S and 140S fishing lures are now available for purchase at select retailers.


Model: 124S | Length: 124mm | Weight 24.4g

Model: 140S | Length: 140mm | Weight 31.0g