Black Magic Bait Buddy 3 Pack


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Black Magic “Bait Buddy” is a fine elasticised thread – it is not a monofilament but a special blend of very fine fibres that are virtually invisible when applied to the bait

Product Specs


The “Bait Buddy” spool is packaged in a plastic protective container and the thread is extracted from the inside of the spool – fresh every time. Sold as a three pack.

  • Advantages of using Bait Buddy when fishing:
    • Bait will no longer fall off your hook
    • Bait will last longer
    • You can use soft baits including shellfish
    • Secures the bait in any position
    • No more sliding down the hook covering the point or barb
    • You can combine different baits together
    • Improved presentation of your bait
  • Ideal for surfcasting, improving your casting distance