Black Pete Aluminium Single Sleeve 50pk


Aluminium sleeves are designed for use with mono from 80 to 800 pound breaking strain, while the ‘figure-eight’ double sleeves can be used on 100 to 1000 pound wire or 100 to 800 pound mono.  When it comes to rigging lures and bait lines, Black Pete has armour sleeves to stop mono leaders wearing on hook or swivel eyes, or stainless steel thimbles for an even more bullet-proof approach.

Product Specs

Size (mm)MonofilamentPack Quantity
0.7mm40lb50 pcs
0.8mm60lb50 pcs
1.0mm80-100lb50 pcs
1.3mm100-150lb50 pcs
1.5mm150-200lb50 pcs
1.7mm200-250lb50 pcs
2.0mm250-300lb50 pcs
2.3mm400-500lb50 pcs
2.6mm500-600lb50 pcs
2.8mm400-500lb50 pcs