Bridle Buddy Finger Grip Kit With 10 Plastic Darts


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Elevate your Bridle Buddy System to unparalleled heights with the Bridle Buddy Finger Grip Handles–a remarkable enhancement for serious anglers. Crafted from high-grade aluminium, these handles redefine strength and lightweight functionality. The centre is expertly hollowed out, ensuring robustness without sacrificing agility.

Product Specs


The aluminium is meticulously shaped into an advanced finger-gripping profile, delivering an extraordinary level of grip that guarantees a secure hold, even in the most challenging conditions. Messy situations are no match for the Bridle Buddy Finger Grip Handles. As a comprehensive kit, the Finger Grip Handles come with 10 top-tier plastic darts, ensuring you have everything you need for a seamless and powerful bridle setup. Unleash the potential of your Bridle Buddy System with these handles that embody the perfect balance of strength, lightweight design, and gripping excellence. Prepare for a new standard in bridle handling precision and ease.