Chasebaits Flick Prawn Heavy 125mm


Hand sculptured off a real prawn the FLICK PRAWN HEAVY is incredibly realistic.  Made from Ultra durable and flexible 10X material, with awesome realistic finishes and an Ultra lifelike movement, the FLICK PRAWN HEAVY is going to be too juicy to refuse.  Throw it into snags, slow roll or twitch it throughout drains and in open water. We have developed the FLICK PRAWN HEAVY to be the winner on the water.

Product Specs


The Flick Prawn Heavy is made from Ultra Tough TPE material to ensure your Flick Prawn Heavy will hold up to even the most aggressive strikes. All flick Prawns Heavy in the range come pre-rigged with our custom weighted worm hook, which has been colour coded to the body.
Perfect for chasing any saltwater species, and many fresh, the Flick Prawn Heavy is consistently one of our best performing lures in the entire Chasebaits range…. Its reputation speaks for itself!

Size _ 125 mm (4.92″)
Hook Size _ 7/0 with 15gmLead Weight
26g Total Weight (Lure, Hook, & Lead)