Daiwa 23 Commander Rods


Few Daiwa rods possess a history like TD COMMANDER. Rooted deep in the folklore of Daiwa, the ‘Commanders’ traditionally referenced Japanese angling icons, hand-picked to develop their own custom models in series like the original TD BATTLER. Now, TD COMMANDER epitomises this philosophy, designed & developed with input from local angling heroes to perfectly cater to Australian conditions.

Product Specs

23 TD COMMANDER 681ULRS  GRIFFINUltra-LightSpin6’8″/203cmReg0.5-5g1.5-3kg1
23 TD COMMANDER 681LFS SNOWFINCHLightSpin6’8″/203cmFast2-9g2-4kg1
23 TD COMMANDER 6102ULFS BACKFIREUltra-LightSpin6’10″/208cmFast2-9g1.5-3kg1
23 TD COMMANDER 712MFS SWEEPERMediumSpin7’1″/216cmFast5-27g4-8kg2
23 TD COMMANDER 722ULFS ONCILLAUltra-LightSpin7’2″/218cmFast2-9g1.5-3kg2
23 TD COMMANDER 722MLXS LONGBOLTMed-LightSpin7’2″/218cmFast5-21g3-6kg2
23 TD COMMANDER 722MHXS HELLKATMed-HeavySpin7’2″/218cmFast7-40g4-9kg2
23 TD COMMANDER 722HFS DWELLERHeavySpin7’2″/218cmFast12-50g6-12kg2
23 TD COMMANDER 742LXS OCELOTLightSpin7’4″/224cmFast2-9g2-5kg2
23 TD COMMANDER 762HXS GARUDAHeavySpin7’6″/229cmFast12-50g6-12kg2
23 TD COMMANDER 641LFB PIXYLightBaitcast6’4″/193cmFast3.5-14g2-5kg1
23 TD COMMANDER 641HFB MERLIONHeavyBaitcast6’4″/193cmFast15-70g6-12kg1
23 TD COMMANDER 691MMHRB JACKALOPEMed-Med-HeavyBaitcast6’9″/206cmReg10-45g4-9kg1
23 TD COMMANDER 702MLXB REACTIONMed-LightBaitcast7’0″/213cmFast3-18g3-6kg2
23 TD COMMANDER 702XHRB JUGGERNAUTHeavyBaitcast7’0″/213cmReg25-85g8-15kg2
23 TD COMMANDER 712MFB BASILISKMediumBaitcast7’1″/216cmFast5-23g4-8kg2
23 TD COMMANDER 722HFB DUCKFINHeavyBaitcast7’2″/218cmFast15-70g8-15kg2
23 TD COMMANDER 722XXHRB GARGANAUTXX-HeavyBaitcast7’2″/218cmReg40-170g10-24kg2

TD COMMANDER is the showcase of Daiwa Technology, with SVF Nanoplus blanks paired with X45X Full Shield technology to further elevate their performance. Lightweight and sensitive, SVF Nanoplus represents a significant upgrade from the previous version, now lighter & more sensitive than ever. X45X Full Shield is utilised throughout the entire rod blank and eliminates blank twist to further enhance feel. A combination Fuji Titanium SiC and Daiwa AGS (Air Guide System) guide train is lighter than an all-titanium set up and reduces the weight further increasing sensitivity.

In the baitcast models, a debut of Daiwa’s new reel seat concept ZERO SEAT with a brand-new offset trigger grip which sits the reel lower in the hand, improving palming of both large and small baitcast reels alike. With an expanded model line-up catering to both spin & baitcast, north to south, there has never been more options to feel what Daiwa technology can do for your fishing.


Daiwa’s new reel seat concept that features a brand-new offset trigger grip which sits the reel lower in the hand, improving palming of both large and small baitcast reels.


X45X Full Shield Technology is 25% more efficient than standard X45 technology. With increased torsional stiffness, blanks armed with X45X resist blank twist during casting & jigging. This characteristic prevents the blank from losing stored energy during the cast, ensuring that every bit of force you put into your cast, is transferred through the blank and ultimately to your chosen lure.


Weighing a mere fraction of the weight of traditional guides (40% lighter than an equivalent sized titanium guide) AGS guides feature a solid carbon fibre frame construction that minimizes weight, improves casting distance and performance, and delivers faster rod speed, reduced rod vibration and angler fatigue, and greater rod sensitivity.


Through the use of nano resin technology, SVF Nanoplus blanks are lighter and have increased sensitivity over standard SVF blanks due to their higher carbon density.