Daiwa 23 Emeraldas RX LT Spin Reels


Daiwa’s EMERALDAS range of dedicated squid fishing products continues to grow with the introduction of EMERALDAS RX LT. Constructed from a lightweight ZAION V Monocoque (MQ) body, a true single piece body unique to Daiwa spinning reels creating a much stronger, better sealed body unit.

Product Specs

23 EMERALDAS RX FC LT 2500S5.1:1 (72cm)175g7+1 (2 CRBB)5kgPE 0.6/200m
23 EMERALDAS RX LT 25005.2:1 (73cm)190g7+1 (2 CRBB)10kgPE 0.8/200m

AIRDRIVE Design features in a new rotor and bail arm design which has lowered the weight of the reel, but importantly made the handle easier to turn. Available in two models perfectly suited to both squid fishing and light tackle finesse fishing generally.


Daiwa’s new Airdrive Design, a four pillar (Airdrive Rotor, Airdrive Bail, Airdrive Spool, and Airdrive Shaft) design concept that reduces weight, and enhances rotational smoothness and responsiveness to create a reel that is next level in both form and function.


A new generation of lightweight Daiwa’s resin and carbon material. The Zaion V material is both strong and incredibly lightweight.


Ultimate protection is delivered to the engine room of the reel with a magnetised oil seal located on the main shaft of the reel’s rotor shutting the door to the elements and unwanted intruders. Dust, water, and salt intrusion into the inner workings of a reel are a thing of the past with MagSeal.


A one-piece frame eliminates the use of traditional two-piece body & sideplate construction. A single piece body utilises a screw-in engine plate to house the main gear, reducing flex and twist under load creating a sealed mechanism. The elimination of the side plate has also allowed for a more compact body design. MQ technology not only makes reels stronger & better sealed, but also more compact.