Daiwa 23 Wilderness X Travel Rods


Venture into the Wilderness, with Daiwa’s latest addition to their travel rod line-up the all-new WILDERNESS X. A child of two of the brands most popular light-tackle rod series, WILDERNESS X takes the popular 3pc models from TD HYPER and TD BLACK and upgrades them, into a single dedicated travel series with more models & more joints than ever before.

Product Specs

23 WILDERNESS X 604HFS BULLDOGHeavySpin6’0″/183cmFast10-30g6-10kg4(Butt+3)
23 WILDERNESS X 664ULFS STREAM SNIPERUltra-LightSpin6’6″/198cmFast1-5g1-2kg4(Butt+3)
23 WILDERNESS X 705LFS BACKSEATERLightSpin7’0″/213cmFast1-8g1.5-4kg5(Butt+4)
23 WILDERNESS X 705MLFS DEEPSTRIKERMed-LightSpin7’0″/213cmFast4-14g3-6kg5(Butt+4)
23 WILDERNESS X 705MHFS BLACK SNIPERMed-HeavySpin7’0″/213cmFast7-21g5-8kg5(Butt+4)
23 WILDERNESS X 705HFS INLANDERHeavySpin7’0″/213cmFast15-70g8-15kg5(Butt+4)
23 WILDERNESS X 604MHFB BULLUPMed-HeavyBaitcast6’0″/183cmFast7-30g5-8kg4(Butt+3)
23 WILDERNESS X 644HFB TOP ENDERHeavyBaitcast6’4″/193cmFast10-50g6-12kg4(Butt+3)
23 WILDERNESS X 664MLFB BASTRAXMed-LightBaitcast6’6″/198cmFast4-16g3-7kg4(Butt+3)
23 WILDERNESS X 644XHFB-SB BACKTRACKERX-HeavySwimbait6’4″/193cmFast15-150g15-24kg4(Butt+3)

Now truly dedicated pack rods, WILDERNESS X models feature 4 or 5pc join constructions to reduce packed length, making them easily fit into backpacks and small suitcases for local or international travel. Daiwa’s V-Joint technology eliminates the old-school flat spots and weak areas associated with multi-piece rods, producing actions akin to those of single piece rods.

A range of purpose built spin and baitcast rods mean no matter where your trip takes you, there’s a Daiwa WILDERNESS to catch the fish that live there!


An entry level guide that has been used for many years, Aluminum Oxide guides are diamond polished to an ultra-smooth finish, economically priced and come in a variety of frame styles and finishes.


Light, strong, and highly corrosion resistant, Fuji stainless steel guides are tailor-made for Australia’s harsh conditions.


Through the use of nano resin control technology in the blank construction process, Nanoplus allows for increased graphite density to be achieved within a graphite rod blank.


Developed to eliminate blank twist and increase power, X45 features a Bias Wrap Construction, left/right 45 degree carbon weave within the blank. X45 radically improves rod strength and durability by eliminating twist and preventing the blank from losing its round form. The elimination of this twist allows for a lighter, stronger and more powerful and sensitive rod.