DAIWA Emeraldas Ikashime Stick


Every Egi angler needs the right tool for the job and when it comes to taking care of your catch to maximize the eating experience there’s nothing more important than a quality Ikashime tool, and none come better that the Emeraldas Ikashime.

Featuring a trapezoidal shaped blade and two-point tip for increased slip resistance and control, this essential eging device is light and compact for added portability, while a Daiwa and Emeraldas logo emblazoned sheath provides a touch of class and essential protection.

Stylish and refined, the Emeraldas Ikashime is the tool that every Egi angler needs to keep their catch fresh and at its best.

Product Specs

Emeraldas Ikashime Stick 130C BlackNew 130cm Egi Spike – Black
Emeraldas Ikashime Stick 130C EmeraldNew 130cm Egi Spike – Emerald