Daiwa Steez A II TW Baitcaster Reel


The long-awaited second generation STEEZ A is here. Fully armed with DAIWA’s new HYPERDRIVE DESIGN to elevate the strength & performance of STEEZ even higher. The signature feature of STEEZ A has been further highlighted, a solid aluminium frame now sporting HYPER ARMED HOUSING design. This provides the rigid platform for perfect gear meshing and strength, whilst maintaining a comfortable weight & size for all day use.

Product Specs

23 STEEZ AⅡ TW 1000L6.3:16kg190g10BB (9 CRBB, 1 MSBB; 1RB)PE #1.5/180m
23 STEEZ AⅡ TW 1000HL7.1:16kg190g10BB (9 CRBB, 1 MSBB; 1RB)PE #1.5/180m
23 STEEZ AⅡ TW 1000XHL8.5:16kg190g10BB (9 CRBB, 1 MSBB; 1RB)PE #1.5/180m
23 STEEZ AⅡ TW 10006.3:16kg190g10BB (9 CRBB, 1 MSBB; 1RB)PE #1.5/180m
23 STEEZ AⅡ TW 1000H7.1:16kg190g10BB (9 CRBB, 1 MSBB; 1RB)PE #1.5/180m
23 STEEZ AⅡ TW 1000XH8.5:16kg190g10BB (9 CRBB, 1 MSBB; 1RB)PE #1.5/180m

HYPER TOUGH DIGIGEAR is installed in STEEZ A for the first time, resulting in a more powerful retrieve and reduced winding effort required under heavy loads. Arguably the signature feature of baitcast reels, the spool of STEEZ A II has also been redeveloped.

A new generation 34mm spool made from ultra-lightweight G1 Duralumin now features MAG-Z BOOST braking technology, a unique two-stage magnetic brake system which has delivered increased casting distance by returning one stage of the braking system mid-flight, reducing brake pressure from when the spool begins to slow until your lure touches the water.

STEEZ A II is kitted out with a 90mm swept handle and larger profile handle knobs making it perfectly suited to the rigors of Australian baitcast use straight out of the box.