Daiwa Steez Bull Frog


The hole in the water a Murray cod makes when it implodes on a topwater lure is a thrill only those who have witnessed it can appreciate. The new STEEZ BULL FROG is a mega-sized hollow body frog jointly developed between Daiwa teams in Japan, USA & Australia to cater for chasing trophy sized fish on the surface.

Product Specs


There are few lures that can be placed and fished through water like a hollow body frog, and this is really where this lure comes to life. Walking tight creeks and rivers with nasty overhangs and trash mats piled on the water’s surface is no match.

The large profile and heavy weight of the BULL FROG will allow anglers to gently walk the lure over and around structure, and pausing when it reaches an opening just waiting for that explosion. Fitted with a high-quality custom made double frog hook which is more than capable of handling metre plus trophy cod there is no lure more fun to fish than a frog, and there’s none with the presence of the new STEEZ BULL FROG.