Fintek Pocket Cast Net


Fintek Cast Nets provide anglers with a reliable and effective means to harvest baitfish and prawns. Meticulously constructed from premium monofilament and optimally weighted for smooth and effective casting, the nets are easy to handle, cast and retrieve.

Product Specs


Fintek Cast Nets are also durable, easy to clean and come packaged in a reusable storage tub.

Fintek nets are available in a variety of mesh sizes to suit a range of target species and netting applications. The range includes drawstring, top pocket, and pocket models. Durability, reliability and ease of use are the core qualities of a Fintek net. Whether you’re out collecting bait or a feed of prawns, Fintek nets make cast netting a breeze.

Fishing equipment laws and regulations vary throughout Australia and are subject to change by the management of the relevant government authorities. Some states do not allow the use of Cast Nets. It is advised to check the local regulations prior to using this equipment to ensure that you are legally permitted to do so.


    • Premium Monofilament
    • Optimally weighted for easy casting
    • Durable
    • Easy to clean
    • Reusable Storage Tub