Fudo Super Ocean Southern Tuna Needle Eye Game Fishing Hook (2 Pack)


Introducing the FUDO Super Ocean Southern Tuna Needle Eye Hooks–where tradition meets cutting-edge strength and performance. These hooks redefine excellence in angling, offering unmatched durability and power for those seeking the ultimate catch. Crafted with precision in mind, the Southern Tuna hooks boast a traditional tuna bend throat, setting a new standard for strength, performance, and longevity.

Product Specs


While favoured in the tuna fleet, these hooks prove to be exceptional for trolling all pelagic species and baiting swordfish. The construction begins with premium Japanese stainless steel, ensuring a foundation of quality. Each hook is meticulously hand-formed and sharpened by skilled craftsmen in Japan, guaranteeing top-tier performance straight out of the box. The needle eye design, a preferred connection point for stainless steel cable hook rigs, ensures a smooth transition and reduced bulk compared to ringed hooks.

  1. Premium Japanese Stainless Steel: Ensures the foundation of strength and durability.
  2. Needle Eye Design: Ideal for stainless steel cable hook rigs, offering a smoother transition and less bulk.
  3. Super Ocean Designation: Extra-strong build to handle the toughest battles with the fish of a lifetime.
  4. Proprietary Heating Treatment: Applied to the formed hook, enhancing its strength and resilience.
  5. Passivation Treatment: Ensures additional corrosion resistance for prolonged durability in harsh maritime conditions

Available in sizes 7/0-12/0, each pack contains two hooks, providing anglers with the perfect combination of strength and reliability. Elevate your angling experience with the FUDO Super Ocean Southern Tuna Needle Eye Hooks–where tradition meets the future of fishing excellence.