Hook Em Cast Fixed Gaff


All Cast Gaffs are double pinned and glued into thick-walled fibreglass poles for strength and durability. Heads are cast and then case hardened high tensile Stainless Steel with a hand polished finish. Handles are wrapped and bound to ensure a high grip surface in wet and slimy conditions.

Product Specs

Part #Head SizeHandle LengthGrips
CG3/903″ (75mm)90cm – with bound grips2
CG3/1203″ (75mm)1.2m – with bound grips3
CG3/1503″ (75mm)1.5m – with bound grips3
CG4/1204″ (100mm)1.2m – with bound grips3
CG4/1504″ (100mm)1.5m – with bound grips3
CG5/1805″ (125mm)1.8m – with bound grips3