Imakatsu Alive Chatter 120mm Chatterbait/Minnow Hybrid Lure


The Imakatsu Alive Chatter is a hybrid between a conventional minnow-type lure and a chatterbait. Vibration, flash and movement paired with a natural sinking nature make the Alive Chatter the ultimate lure for targeting Australian native species. The Alive Chatter is uniquely balanced with its weight set forward in the jaw. This enables the lure to be retrieved at high speeds while still swimming with an enticing roll.

Product Specs


Its skirted trebles are another key fish-attracting feature that give the lure constant lifelike movement on the retrieve or pause. These skirted trebles also add balance to the lure, giving it the ability to maintain its action on a dead slow roll or burning retrieve. The Imakatsu Alive Chatter now comes in 70mm slow sink, 70mm fast sink and 90mm and 120mm Monstro versions that cater for a variety of natives.