Mako Escape Glass Lens Sunglasses


The Escape is a fishing focused frame with a range of lenses in polycarbonate and glass. The frame sits comfortably, blocking light from all angles.

Product Specs

Frame and Lens CodeDescriptionLensLens Base ColourMirror CoatingHigh DefinitionInfra Red FilterPhotochromicInternal Mirror
M01-G0HRMAKO ESCAPE 9581 MtBlk Glass HDIR GreyGlassGreyHigh DefinitionInfra Red Filter
M01-G2H5MAKO ESCAPE 9581 MtBlk Glass HD Rose Green MirrorGlassRoseGreenHigh DefinitionInternal Mirror
M01-G1HR6MAKO ESCAPE 9581 MtBlk Glass HDIR Brown Blue MirrorGlassBrownBlueHigh DefinitionInfra Red FilterInternal Mirror
M88-G1HR6MAKO ESCAPE 9581 White Glass HDIR Brown Blue MirrorGlassBrownBlueHigh DefinitionInfra Red FilterInternal Mirror
M01-G3SXMAKO ESCAPE 9581 MtBlk Glass Copper PhotochromicGlassCopperPhotochromic

HIGH DEFINITION FILTER MAKO High Definition (HD) lenses are formulated using specific materials and additives to improve vision, enhance colour and provide increased contrast. Our HD lenses filter out harmful UV light and also certain wavelengths of visible light that are responsible for distortion while our polarised filters deal with glare. By removing this collection of harmful, harsh and distorted parts of the spectrum, MAKO HD lenses deliver protection, incredible clarity, and comfortable all-day wearing.

INFRARED FILTER The MAKO Infrared series (IR) of lenses add a further layer of protection by blocking the invisible radiant energy in the infrared range. This has been shown to reduce heat being transmitted through the lens by between 6 and 8 degrees celsius, resulting in even more comfortable all day wearing and less dry, itchy eyes.

AR COATINGS Anti-reflective (AR) coatings on the back surface of the lens provide protection from ultraviolet (UV) light which is responsible for a number of damaging long and short term effects on the eye. Without AR coatings, UV can reflect off the rear surface of the lens and enter the eye. AR coatings also increase visual acuity by reducing the distortion that can result from reflected visible light. MAKOs industry leading 12 layers of anti-reflective (AR) coatings provide superior protection from scattered and reflected light.

ADVANCED POLARISATION MAKO uses lenses with the highest grades of polarising efficiency. We call this Advanced Polarisation technology. The result is superior glare reduction and higher levels of visual acuity in harsh light conditions.

OLEO AND HYDROPHOBIC COATINGS Class-leading combination of hard coating, oleophobic (oil repelling) and hydrophobic (water repelling) coatings to help ensure your MAKO lenses will stand the test of time.

MIRROR COATINGS The use of internal mirrors removes them from harm’s way on the front of the lens and preventing scratching and abrasion marks.

About Mako

MAKO use only high quality materials and premium polarised lens technology to produce a range of polarised sunglasses for all water based and outdoors recreation activities. Australian owned and operated, MAKO has been producing polarised sunglasses for 25 years.

Continuous research and development has earned MAKO a reputation for longevity and quality. MAKO has a strong background in the marine, fishing, 4WD and driving environments which have provided a harsh and unforgiving testing ground for our products.

MAKO’s lens range uses world leading Italian and Japanese polarised glass with market leading hydrophobic coatings, anti-reflective coatings and MAKO’s Advanced Polarisation technology MAKO is committed to producing superior lenses with industry leading technologies built into all our products.

Currently MAKO produces over 20 unique lenses for all conditions from general use to specific applications.