Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Clips


Mustad fastach clips are strong, easy to use and won’t come undone when you’re connected to the fish of a life time.

Built with quality in mind, the fastach clip is one of the easiest to use and strongest connections a lure fisher can have to their terminal tackle.

Product Specs

MFTC0Mustad Fastach Clip 015lb12
MFTC1Mustad Fastach Clip 125lb12
MFTC2Mustad Fastach Clip 250lb12
MFTC3Mustad Fastach Clip 375lb12
MFTC4Mustad Fastach Clip 4100lb10
MFTC5Mustad Fastach Clip 5150lb8

Mustad manufacture and extrude their own wire on site in Norway to ensure quality is never compromised in these clips. It’s a quality assurance that is hard to find elsewhere.

Operation of these clips is incredibly easy. Simply twist onto the lure’s tow point and then when a lure change is necessary, reverse the process. You can do this with your eyes closed after only a little time with these incredible clips in your hand.

Even under extreme pressure, the clip will not fail. In the event of too much pressure being applied, such as when a tackle retriever is being used, the Fastach Clip will only tighten its grip on the lure’s tow point. This means every fish hooked can be landed! You just do not get that with other clips.

The Mustad Fastach Clip is available in sizes from 0 (around 7kg breaking strain) all the way up to the ultra-strong size 5 (around 75kg breaking strain) and will suit everything from the estuary and freshwater angler right through to the serious bluewater angler.

Mustad quality meets innovation in the Mustad UltraPoint Fastach Clip.