Sunline Siglon PE ADV X8 Turquoise Blue 150m


Sunline Siglon PE ADV (advanced) takes the original Siglon PEx8 to the next level thanks to the latest manufacturing process, making it superior in its water repellency, strength, slickness and abrasion resistance that gives you outstanding performance, all day long! New and improved Siglon PEx8 with (DRP) deep resin processing. DRP is a process of resin being inserted into the centre of the braided line. This advanced technology gives you a line that’s 3 times more abrasion resistant than previous Siglon PE 8, casts further and lasts longer. The rounded surface of this braid is 25% smoother than the original Siglon PEx8. The DRP process also makes this line repel water like never before, leaving you with a line that’s going to cast time and time again with the same great performance you started with.

Product Specs

5lb0.108mm150mTurquoise Blue
6lb0.121mm150mTurquoise Blue
8lb0.132mm150mTurquoise Blue
10lb0.153mm150mTurquoise Blue
12lb0.171mm150mTurquoise Blue
16lb0.187mm150mTurquoise Blue
18lb0.209mm150mTurquoise Blue
20lb0.223mm150mTurquoise Blue
24lb0.242mm150mTurquoise Blue
30lb0.270mm150mTurquoise Blue
35lb0.296mm150mTurquoise Blue
  • Made In Japan
  • DRT Deep Resin Technology
  • IZANAS Fibers
  • High Abrasion Resistance