Nomad Swimtrex Lipless Crank 66mm


SWIMTREX HARD VIBE The SWIMTREX (pat. Pending) is the first lipless vibration crankbait to swim like a real baitfish when sinking. It emits vibration when slow rolled or straight retrieved and features and internal rattle that makes a subtle noise even when swimming downwards.

Product Specs


The (pat. Pending) Auto Tune System ensures the lure never rolls and always tracks straight. The combined swimming action when sinking and the vibration when lifted and the arrow straight retrieve makes this a deadly and unique lure that fish cannot ignore. Ideal for casting on a constant or stop / start retrieve or working vertically, it can be fished in a variety of ways unlike other lipless cranks.

AUTOTUNE | Length: 66mm | Weight: 15g | Depth: Up to 15m | BKK 1X Trebles #8