Penn Spin Reel Covers


Protect your investment with PENN Neoprene Reel Covers. Made from a durable 5mm neoprene material with triple stitched seams that will guarantee your reels remain protected. Secured with hook and loop closure to allow for an ergonomic fit with sizes to suit all PENN conventional and spin reels. Whether you’re storing your gear or running out to your favourite fishing spot, PENN Neoprene reel covers will protect your investment to ensure peak performance every time.

Product Specs

PENN SPIN COVER S – 2500-4500SNeoprene2500 – 4500
PENN SPIN COVER M – 5000-7500MNeoprene5000 – 7500
PENN SPIN COVER L – 8500-10500LNeoprene8500 – 10500
  • Durable 5mm Neoprene material
  • Secure covers to reels with or without handles attached via hook and loop design
  • Designed to fit all PENN reels