Prolure Clone Prawn 62mm Plastics


The Clone Prawn is a super realistic prawn imitation designed with the purpose of being a versatile bait that can rigged in a variety of hook and weight configurations. They can be rigged forwards, backwards, weedless, weightless, on hidden weight and standard jig heads.

Product Specs


The advantage of a prawn imitation is that almost every species will eat a prawn and with the natural presentation they are very easy to use. Fish them slowly with subtle twitches and pauses. Cast the Clone Prawn around man made or natural structures such as pylons/poles, jetties, pontoons, bridges, rock walls, and oyster racks. They can fished down deep, in the wash, across the surface, or on the shallow flats and weed beds. Currently available in 2 sizes being 62mm and 92mm they will suit all your favorite light tackle species from bream, bass and whiting, as well as bigger species such as mangrove jack, flathead, barramundi, and variety of reef and pelagic species.