Rapala Crush City Creeper 2.5” Plastics


Introducing the brand new Rapala Crush City Soft Plastics range. The Creeper is a curl-tail grub with a difference – designed to work on the slowest retrieves and will flutter seductively on the fall. Easily one of the most popular shapes of soft plastics on the market the curl-tail grub is a must for all anglers. The Creeper is made using Super T.P.E material, which has also been infused with shrimp scent, providing excellent durability and suppleness in the water, and a slow-release scent. Awarded the best soft lure award at the Annual AFTA fishing tackle trade show in 2023

Product Specs


The addition of multiple paddle style legs under the body of the creeper serves multiple purposes – adds movement and visual appeal, vibration during retrieve, and they hold onto additional scent longer than that of tubular style curl-tail grubs. The Core-shot colour range features natural and attractor patterns to cover all angling bases.

  • 2.5”
  • 8 pieces per pack
  • Shrimp Scent
  • Great range of Australian inspired colours.