Shimano Ocea Conquest 300 Size Overhead Reels


The OCEA CONQUEST offshore dual-axis reel combines Shimano’s reel technologies to enhance toughness, smoothness, and operability. The smooth and powerful reeling produced by the combination of precision MICROMODULE II gears, robust HAGANE body, and highly durable internal parts has continued to support anglers’ offshore game in their hands.

Product Specs

300PG4.883501.5-500, 2-380, 3-25065759/2
301PG4.883501.5-500, 2-380, 3-25065759/2
300HG6.27.53551.5-500, 2-380, 3-25084759/2
301HG6.27.53551.5-500, 2-380, 3-25084759/2
300XG7.573551.5-500, 2-380, 3-250101759/2
301XG7.573551.5-500, 2-380, 3-250101759/2

The new model is equipped with the Infinity Drive to take its performance to the next level, improving sensitivity as well as cranking power. In addition, the X-Protect system improves water resistance and durability. The NEW FALL LEVER has a newly designed shape that emphasizes a better fit and allows for quick and accurate control of the sinking speed of jigs. A revolutionary mechanism incorporating a one-way roller bearing in the FALL LEVER mechanism, eliminates the load felt by the sinking jig. On yop of the 300PG and 300HG, a new model 300XG, equipped with high-speed gears for a maximum retrieving length of 101 cm, has been added to the lineup.