Shimano Stella SWC Reel


INFINITE POWER: The Stella SW represents the pinnacle of innovation for Shimano reel technology and fish-fighting performance. For increased power and enhanced durability, this series features a range of upgrades. Infinity Drive has been incorporated for light and powerful winding and the upgraded Heatsink Drag provides superior drag performance under extreme heat. A water resistance rating of IPX8 is achieved through X-Protect and X-Shield with the aluminium Hagane Body acting as a rigid and super tough outer shell. The HG models are designed for both casting and jigging, whereas PG is geared for jigging applications and XG for saltwater casting.

Product Specs

STLSW10000PGCSTELLA SWC 10000 PG13+1254.9.110250/360670
STLSW14000XGCSTELLA SWC 14000 XG13+1256.2.113460/315675
STLSW18000HGCSTELLA SWC 18000HG13+1285.7:112980/400875
STLSW20000PGCSTELLA SWC 20000PG13+1284.4:110480/440885
STLSW30000CSTELLA SWC 3000013+1254.4:1131100/570975
STLSW4000XGCSTELLA SWC 4000 XG12+1116.2:110110/200355
STLSW5000HGCSTELLA SWC 5000 HG13+1135.7:19720/245420
STLSW5000XGCSTELLA SWC 5000XG13+1136.2:110520/245420
STLSW6000HGCSTELLA SWC 6000HG13+1135.7:110330/290425
STLSW6000PGCSTELLA SWC 6000PG13+1134.6:18330/290425
STLSW6000XGCSTELLA SWC 6000XG13+1136.2:111230/290425
STLSW8000HGCSTELLA SWC 8000 HG13+1255.6.110740/340625
STLSW8000PGCSTELLA SWC 8000 PG13+1254.9.19440/340625


  • Infinity Drive for light and powerful winding
  • Heatsink Drag upgrade for superior heat resistance under extreme pressure
  • IPX8 waterproof performance via X-Protect and X-Shield
  • Cold forged Hagane Gears for extreme durability
  • Highly rigid aluminum Hagane Body.
  • 10 Year Warranty