Sunline Siglon PEx8 AMZ Blood Orange Braid 150 Metres


Siglon PE AMZ is an eight-strand high performance braided line. AMZ features a new special processing of braided line strands. Performance Sustainable Processing (PSP) is done on this product which significantly prolongs the initial performance of the braided line.

Product Specs


SPS maintains the initial smoothness and durability of the braided line to help it keep performing at peak performance. By preventing fraying and maintaining initial slickness casting distance and feel remains at initial levels. AMZ is a great choice for spinning or baitcast reels and any technique where braided line is the choice.

  • 8 strand braid
  • PSP-Performance Sustaining Processing for greater longevity
  • Reduced fraying and maintained slickness for longer performance life
  • Two colors available, orange for high visibility and dark green for stealth