Sunline Siglon PEx8 AMZ Multicolour Braid 300 Metres


Siglon PE AMZ is an eight-strand high performance braided line. AMZ features a new special processing of braided line strands. Performance Sustainable Processing (PSP) is done on this product which significantly prolongs the initial performance of the braided line. SPS maintains the initial smoothness and durability of the braided line to help it keep performing at peak performance.

Product Specs

Avg Strength(lb)5681012161824303550
Line Size(#)
Avg Strength(kg)
Standard Dia.(mm)0.1080.1210.1320.1530.1710.1870.2090.2420.270.2960.342
MAX Strength(lb)7.59.5121519222838455265
MAX Strength(kg)
  • The special processing “PSP”(Performance Sustainable Processing) is adopted, which significantly prolongs initial performance.
  • PSP also ensures that the casting feel and controllability continue for a long time.
  • For all day long fishing, durability on fraying and smoothness is improved.
  • A wide range of sizes are lined up to accommodate from small fish species to powerful fish, including x4, x8 braided choices.
  • Blood Orange is highly visible in all seasons and weather conditons.
  • Multi-color pattern allows precise adjustment of how deep the line goes. Not to use white markings, it reduces impact on fish (also reflects countermeasures for pufferfish, etc).