Tackle Tactics SwitchBlade+ 37mm Metal Vibe – 3.5 grams


The original Switchblade from TT set the standard in metal vibe lures, and has been a favourite for anglers chasing a wide variety of fish species. Now the revolution is here with Switchblade+. Upgraded with a dazzling set of new colour finishes and patterns – with many UV-reactive options – this new generation metal blade also features premium Owner® trebles and multiple tow points for customising the action and vibration.


Product Specs

Colour37mm 3.5g
Aussie Shad3904
Avo Shad3905
Bad Shad3901
Brown Suji Prawn3908
Flamin’ Shad3906
Golden Minnow3903
Green Back Minnow3914
Green Shad3915
Matte Olive Minnow3912
Mongrel Shad3900
Motor Oil3911
Peacock Minnow3913
Pink Suji Prawn3910
Silver Minnow3916
Wagasaki Minnow3902
Waga Suji Prawn3909

This lure can be hopped or slow-rolled across shallow flats, vertically jigged against steep structure, or burned mid-water through schooled fish. The Switchblade Plus excels in dirty conditions as the blade body gives off just the right vibrations to attract predatory fish. The Switchblade Plus vibe is available in a wide range of sizes and UV enhanced colours, there’s a Switchblade Plus to suit your fishing conditions and target species. Each blade is rigged with super sharp Owner trebles for maximum hook-up rate and keeping fish pinned all the way to the net.