Toit Haywire Twist Pliers


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Possibly one of the most underrated connections any angler has in their arsenal, a Haywire Twist. If you are unsure or lack confidence in making a haywire twist, this tool will certainly put a stop to that.

Product Specs


The Toit Haywire Twist tool is designed to create 3 different size Haywire Twists. This Stainless Steel drop forged tool incorporates a form jaw, which helps to create a perfect initial loop for your Haywire Twist connection. Life is simple if you can hold your Haywire Twist easily. This tool can be used to fabricate a Shark Rig, or Mackerel Rig or any toothy critter rig for that matter.

The Toit Haywire Twist Tool can also be used to make a Tokyo Rig or a Dingle Dangle Rig, to name but a few. Stopping the loop end moving while you are trying to create neat, even wraps in two planes is key to the success of this tool.