Trophy Hunter Topwater/Stickbait Rods


Trophy Hunter Topwater Rods have been meticulously designed by fishing icon Michael Bonnici in a quest to create stickbait rods comparable in quality and performance to the highest end rods available in the market without the 4 figure price tag.

Product Specs

ModelTypeSectionsLengthLine Lure WtMax Drag
836Stickbait2 pcs8’3″PE 5-660-120g11kg
838Stickbait2 pcs8’3″PE 6-880-140g15kg
805Stickbait2 pcs8’0″PE 5-660-120g11kg
808Stickbait2 pcs8’0″PE 8100-180g18kg

The 838 model is the first model in this range and has been specifically designed for targeting Tuna,  Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel and Wahoo. This rod has unmatched casting qualities and a soft tip that makes the challenge of working a stickbait very easy for anglers new to this type of fishing.

The 836 model is very similar in a slightly lighter version for those looking to match a lighter line to smaller sized lure and achieve maximum casting capability on lighter line. These models take away all the confusion of purchasing the correct quality rod for what is one of the most exciting fishing methods in our sport.

The 805 model is a slightly shorter model with a lighter action perfectly suited for mackerel, kingfish and general reef flat applications.

The 808 is the behemoth model that you would utilise when chasing the biggest of targets. It’s the most powerful model in the range and allows the angler more pulling power for XL GT, Tuna etc.

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