Zenaq Defi Muthos Accura Type-R


Zenaq Type R “RACING” Is the concept to always stay on the cutting edge. Type R inherits this spirit. Experience its outstanding performance in the field.
ZENAQ Japan breaks down stereotypes and constantly challenges themselves to create the cutting edge in fishing technology and fishing concepts.

Product Specs



Hexagon reel seat
The newly developed ZENAQ original reel seat (PAT.P) is a high strength Toray Carbon TORAYCA® composite with a special molding machined to form a sturdy framework. Even large reels will be held firmly without wobbling in the reel seat, The surface of the framework is covered with a special rubber to create a new next level feeling of comfort in the hands. The reel seat is also hexagon shaped to suppress left and right reel movement and rattling, and helps to transmit power without any loss of strength in the hand of the angler, this highly increases the probability of catching that fish of a lifetime.
A rubber cushion has been devised for the area where the reel foot rests. This prevents the reel from loosening even if it’s not strongly tightened, and prevents the reel from rattling loose even in hi pressure fishing scenarios. this meaning the rod and reel are perfectly integrated together as one. The Hexagon reel seat can be used with the current models made by Daiwa and Shimano. Zenaq has not tested the reel seat operation with foreign branded reels, so Zenaq cannot guarantee that the reel seat or reel will be damaged. (This is due to the size and shape of the reel foot.)
Also, even with Daiwa and Shimano reels, if the reel foot is not firmly inserted, the reel seat and reel foot may be damaged.
The Single wrapped guides help to create a super crisp and sharp feeling throughout the black while in the hand. Single wrapped guides do not interfere with rod action and allow for a feeling closer to the original blank design. They aim for sharp rod action and a sharp swinging feeling.
racing singlewrap
RG Guide System really brings out the full potential and performance of a Zenaq Spinning rod It resolves the downsides of using PE line, and maximizes its benefits. The single wrapped guides have really evolved the RG guide system to the next superior level.
racing rgguide
Hexagon Grip Reduces burden on anglers drastically The irregular hexagonal front grip allows for secure yet easy lure manipulation, fighting, and use of the rod. ZENAQ’s original grips are now indispensable for big game.
Type R Original Metal Ring Symbol of the Type R Symbolic Type R original metal parts with the engraved Type R logo.
type r metal
MUTHOS Logo Gun-Metallic Thread and Silk Printed Logo
Gun metallic thread design reminiscent of MUTHOS RACING.
type r name
Easy-Hold End grip Exceptional Feeling for Perfect Casts Original end grip with careful attention to rubber hardness and surface finish. Combination of metal parts reduces unnecessary grip area for smooth casting. The functional beauty is the result of careful consideration of a casting rod that is cast repeatedly for a long time.
racing gripend