Zerek Absolute Shrimp 3.5″ Rigged Plastic


The Absolute Shrimp is a clever addition to the shrimp family of Zerek lures.

Pre-rigged on a weighted hook and designed to be retrieved like a fleeing shrimp, the Absolute Shrimp features a tough TPE body that has a one-piece tail that is tear and puncture resistant, yet still supple enough to provide an enticing action.

Product Specs


Able to be swum with a fish attracting pulse of the rod tip, or sunk through the water column into the fish’s face, the Absolute Shrimp responds equally well to subtle rod work or stronger rips and shakes. The Absolute Shrimp even performs on a straight retrieve, with its legs and tail swaying and pulsing throughout the retrieve.

Three sizes are in the range, a 3″, 3.5″ and a 4.5″ model.

The 3″ long Absolute Shrimp weighs in at 9g and features a 1/0 hook, while the 3.5″ weighs 11g and has a 2/0 hook. The 4.5″ Absolute Shrimp weighs an easy casting 20g and features a 3/0 hook completing the range and giving the lure a very broad list of target species.

Available across the range in 10 colours including bright UV enhanced colours along with some ultra-realistic patterns that will fool any fish with fins, the Absolute Shrimp is ready to be fished straight form the box!