Zman 4″ Hard Leg Frogz Plastics


Topwater fishing fanatics, buckle up! The dynamic Hard LegZ FrogZ produce a lively paddle-foot swimming action that fish can’t resist. The ElaZtech construction makes these frogs up to 10X tougher than a standard soft plastic so they won’t tear easily like other frogs when rigged weedless. The bouyancy of the ElaZtech material allows the Hard Leg FrogZ to float even when rigged with a worm hook!


Product Specs


A dynamite presentation for barramundi, Murray cod, mangrove jack, trevally and more. To switch things up try fishing the FrogZ sub-surface for a wide range of species.

Rig on TT Lures #6/0 ChinlockZ or ChinlockZ SWS jigheads.