Abu Garcia Veritas 4 Travel Rod


The Veritas is designed to be not only affordable, but sensitive enough to feel the faintest hit and strong enough to handle bashing through the bush to a remote waterway. Despite the deceptively airy feel, the new Veritas is robust, responsive and comfortable to fish with from dawn to dusk

Product Specs

VRT4-S 662UL 1-3KGSpinningUltra Light1-3kg2-8g6’6″2Spin Split
VRT4-S 722UL 1-3KGSpinningUltra Light1-3kg2-8g7’2″2Spin Split
VRT4-S 782UL 1-3KGSpinningUltra Light1-3kg2-15g7’8″2Spin Split
VRT4-S 541L 2-4KGSpinningLight2-4kg2-10g5’4″1Spin Split
VRT4-S 701L 2-4KGSpinningLight2-4kg2-10g7′1Spin Split
VRT4-S 702L 2-4KGSpinningLight2-4kg2-14g7′2Spin Split
VRT4-S 692L 2-5KGSpinningLight2-5kg6-25g6’9″2Spin Split
VRT4-S 782UL PE0.4-1.0 EGISpinningUltra LightPE 0.4-1.0EGI MAX #4.07’8″2Spin Split
VRT4-S 742ML 3-5KGSpinningMedium Light3-5kg9-28g7’4″2Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 631ML 3-6KGSpinningMedium Light3-6kg9-38g6’3″1Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 682ML 3-7KGSpinningMedium Light3-7kg8-35g6’8″2Spin Split
VRT4-S 681M 4-8KGSpinningMedium4-8kg10-48g6’8″1Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 702M 4-8KGSpinningMedium4-8kg10-48g7′2Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 762M 4-8KGSpinningMedium4-8kg10-48g7’6″2Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 701MH 5-9KGSpinningMedium Heavy5-9kg9-48g7′1Spin Split
VRT4-S 601H 6-10KGSpinningHeavy6-10kg12-68g6′1Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 721H 6-10KGSpinningHeavy6-10kg7-45g7’2″1Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 732H 6-10KGSpinningHeavy6-10kg7-45g7’3″2Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 932H 6-10KGSpinningHeavy6-10kg20-68g9’3″”2Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 701XH 8-15KGSpinningExtra Heavy8-15kg18-85g7′1Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-SF 1002H 10-15KGSpinningHeavy10-15kg30-120g10′2Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-SF 1203MH 12-20KGSpinningMedium Heavy12-20kg40-200g12′3Spin Full Grip
VRT4-C 621ML 3-6KGCastingMedium Light3-6kg8-35g6’2″1Cast Full
VRT4-C 591M 4-7KGCastingMedium4-7kg6-45g5’9″1Cast Full
VRT4-C 701M 4-8KGCastingMedium4-8kg7-18g7′1Cast Split
VRT4-C 601H 5-10KGCastingHeavy5-10kg8-58g6′1Cast Full
VRT4-C 702MH 6-10 KGCastingMedium Heavy6-10kg7-28g7′2Cast Split
VRT4-C 791XH 10-25KGCastingExtra Heavy10-25kg28-120g7’9″1Cast Full
VRT4TRL-S 703UL 1-4KGTravel – SpinUltra Light1-4kg2-8g7′3Spin Split
VRT4TRL-S 703M 3-6KGTravel – SpinMedium3-6kg10-55g7′3Spin Full Short Split
VRT4TRL-S 703H 6-10KGTravel – SpinHeavy6-10kg7-45g7′3Spin Full Short Split
VRT4TRL-S 903H 6-10KGTravel – SpinHeavy6-10kg20-68g9′3Spin Full Short Split
VRT4TRL-S 763H 8-15 KGTravel – SpinHeavy8-15kg15-60g7’6″3Spin Full Short Split


  • 30 ton extra high density graphite blanks for maximum casting performance.
  • Ergonomic Abu Garcia custom designed reel seat and grip for extra comfort and sensitivity.
  • Fuji stainless steel KR frame guides with alconite inserts for perfection and line management.
  • Wide range of technique specific tapers designed for full gamut of Australian lure fishing.
  • Closed-cell eva grips for greater weather and wear resistance.