Amegari Urpekari 160mm Popper


The Amegari Urpekari is 160mm/60g diving popper. It’s a highly versatile popper that can handle rough water as well as it does calm water. It sweeps amazingly well and produces a long bubble trail.

Product Specs


It walks the dog with ease and splashes along the surface with short twitches creating a commotion that all predatory fish will respond to. It’s made from a tough ABS construction and is fully wired through to handle heavy drag pressures and big fish. It comes fitted with BKK Viper 41 trebles in 2/0 and comes in a range of five key colours from a clear Ghost through to Black Anchovy to suit any water conditions and bait profiles.

  • Model – Urpekari
  • Size – 160mm
  • Weight – 60 grams
  • Hook – BKK Viper 41 2/0