Berkley Pro-Tech Bender 120mm


Berkley Pro-Tech Benders have quickly become favorites for anglers targeting fish in shallow water environments. The new 120mm and 150mm models feature the same action as the smaller 76mm and 100mm models but move more water and make a lot more disturbance to attract larger fish. They have been fitted them with super tough Owner ST-56TN trebles and Owner rings to ensure you don’t straighten the hooks on the next monster flathead you hook on the flats.

Product Specs


Just like the smaller Benders the new 120mm and 150mm models can be easily controlled with a combination of rod tip height and retrieve speed to make it do what’s needed to replicate a wounded baitfish. Elevate your rod tip high to keep it on the surface or drop the rod tip and rip it down below the surface to entice fussy followers.

  • 120mm length
  • 18 grams
  • Depth 0 – 0.2m
  • Rigged with Owner ST-56TN Trebles and Hyperwire rings