Billmark Lures Rigged Dougal 6″ Skirted Game Lures


The Black Pete Billmark Dougal 6″ Skirted Trolling Lure boasts a unique cup-faced chugger design that propels it effortlessly through the water all day long.

Product Specs


The compact head of the Dougal, barely extends beyond its distinctive eyes, this ensures that the leading hook of a double hook rig remains conveniently close. This feature proves especially crucial when targeting billfish, as they tend to target the lure’s head rather than its body. While we all appreciate examining the battle scars and resin chips on our lures, our ultimate goal is to reel in those prized catches!

The versatility of the Black Pete Billmark Dougal 6″ lure shines in all positions within your trolling spread, whether you’re chasing marlin and tuna offshore or going inshore for Dolphinfish, Yellowtail Kingfish, and Bonito. When rigging this lure, it’s recommended to use a 150lb leader paired with a 7/0 hook for optimal performance.