Black Pete Game Fishing Complete Bait And Lure Rigging Kit


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The Black Pete Game Fishing Complete Bait And Lure Rigging Kit has been hand selected by avid game fishermen for fellow game fishing enthusiasts. To help increase your success on the water.

Product Specs

Inside the package, you’ll find an impressive assortment of gear and accessories to take your game fishing to the next level:

  • 5 X 20’ Assorted Traces
  • 3 X Bow Shackles
  • 1 X C-250-4 Crimping Tool
  • 10 X Light Sleeves
  • 20 X #16 Elastic Bands (1 Pack OF 10 Assorted Pieces)
  • 50 X Pre-Cut Protective Tube Pre-Cut Heat Shrinks
  • 1 X 3m Dacron
  • 30 X 1.3mm Double Sleeves
  • 20 X S/S Thimbles
  • 30 X 1.6mm Double Sleeves
  • 50 X Pre-Cut 1.7mm Armour Springs
  • 30 X 1.9mm Double Sleeves
  • 50 X Pre-Cut 2.0mm Armour Springs
  • 30 X 2.2mm Double Sleeves
  • 50 X Pre-Cut 2.3mm Armour Springs
  • 30 X 1.5mm Alloy Sleeves
  • 30 X 1.7mm Alloy Sleeves
  • 30 X 2.0mm Alloy Sleeves
  • 30 X 2.3mm Alloy Sleeves
  • 1 X 1.2m Lumo Tube
  • 25 X Lumo Beads
  • 3 X D-Shackles



This all-inclusive Bait & Lure Tournament Rigging Kit hails from the specialists at Black Pete Quality Fishing Tackle, renowned in Aussie game fishing circles. this complete rigging kit  has been designed to meet the demands of medium to heavy fishing tackle, especially for marlin and tuna anglers. This kit is your ultimate companion on the water.

Product Specifications: Product Code: JB-RKPC Brand: Black Pete Quality Fishing Tackle

Elevate your fishing game with the Black Pete Complete Tournament Rigging Kit.