Daiwa 22 Aird SW Reels


AIRD SW builds upon the foundations of one of Daiwa’s most popular light-tackle spinning reels AIRD LT. SW stands for saltwater and AIRD SW’s larger frame size and aluminium body construction perfectly matches the rigors of its intended battleground – the rocks or beach.

Product Specs

22 AIRD SW BOAT (8000)5.3390g4BB; 1RB6kg12lb/270m
22 AIRD SW SURF (10000)4.6600g4BB; 1RB8kg14lb/370m

A large diameter EVA ball knob gives a confident grip when winding under heavy loads and Daiwa’s DIGIGEAR II drive system means every bit of effort you put in is rewarded with line back against your target species. Available in two sizes to complement the AIRD LT range from 2000-6000, AIRD SW is available in a ‘BOAT’ size equivalent to an 8000 size reel and ‘SURF’ size equivalent to a 10000 size reel.