Daiwa 23 Infeet Z Rods


The INFEET family’s middle child, the INFEET Z range is arguably the best value rod you can get when looking for top-tier performance without the top-tier price tag. The new model, like its siblings receives multiple upgrades for 2023. A brand-new SVF Nanoplus graphite blank a significant upgrade to the previous model. Higher modulus graphite is lighter and stiffer, and therefore Daiwa engineers were able to make rod blanks even lighter than previous models, further enhancing sensitivity and feel.

Product Specs

23 INFEET Z 681LFSLightSpin6’8″/203cmFast1-7gPE #0.4-0.8/1-4kg1
23 INFEET Z 702LRSLightSpin7’0″/213cmReg1-7gPE #0.4-0.8/1-4kg2
23 INFEET Z 712LFSLightSpin7’1″/216cmFast1-7gPE #0.4-0.8/1-4kg2(Butt)
23 INFEET Z 732ULFSUltra-LightSpin7’3″/221cmFast0.5-5gPE #0.2-0.6/0.5-3kg2(Butt)
23 INFEET Z 732LFSLightSpin7’3″/221cmFast1-7gPE #0.4-0.8/1-4kg2(Butt)
23 INFEET Z 742ULRSUltra-LightSpin7’4″/224cmReg0.5-5gPE #0.2-0.6/0.5-3kg2(Butt)
23 INFEET Z 782LFS-STLightSpin7’8″/234cmFast2-10gPE #0.4-0.8/1-4kg2

X45X Full Shield graphite is also used throughout the entire length of the blank, significantly reducing the twisting forces applied to the blank. This technology provides a huge performance increase, which is noticeable when casting with added distance & accuracy the stand-out trait.

Equipped with a combination guide train made obvious with the changing colours of the thread wrapping. The largest guides bound in black are stainless steel framed Fuji SiC guides, and when the thread wraps change to white/orange this indicates the upgrade to Titanium framed SiC guides for a significant weight reduction on the tip.

This weight reduction increases sensitivity and improves overall balance. Daiwa’s AIRSENSOR Neo-Traditional reel seat is a signature of the INFEET Z and the new and improved grip structure offers supreme comfort for all-day fishing sessions.


X45X Full Shield Technology is 25% more efficient than standard X45 technology. With increased torsional stiffness, blanks armed with X45X resist blank twist during casting & jigging. This characteristic prevents the blank from losing stored energy during the cast, ensuring that every bit of force you put into your cast, is transferred through the blank and ultimately to your chosen lure.


Daiwa’s carbon fibre reel seat that’s minimal in weight, yet high in strength and sensitivity. Our ultimate high end, high performance reel seat.


A revolution in sensitivity, Megatop is unlike any other ordinary solid tip construction. The new SVF – SPX material binds graphite fibres with precise resin control for an extremely even distribution of fibres. The result of this is virtually no spine in the rod tip so it bends the same angle in any direction. This allows for incredible pinpoint cast control with the lightest of weights, and its incredible transference of even the slightest bump or vibration allows for heightened bite detection.


Through the use of nano resin technology, SVF Nanoplus blanks are lighter and have increased sensitivity over standard SVF blanks due to their higher carbon density.