Daiwa Saltiga Dura Sensor X8 Braid 200m Chartreuse


Saltiga DURASENSOR X8 braided line is a 8-weave braided line, made in Japan using the latest DAIWA technology to produce a silky smooth, super thin line which is perfect for a host of fishing scenarios in Australia. Featuring DAIWA’s MUSCLE PE fibres for a higher abrasion resistance and more durability, Saltiga DURASENSOR X8 is a very tough braided line, despite its very thin diameter. MUSCLE PE fibres are up to 4x more abrasion resistant than normal braided lines.

Product Specs

SALTIGA DURA X8 #0.6 (11lb) 200m CHARTCHARTREUSE200mPE 0.6/11lb
SALTIGA DURA X8 #0.8 (15lb) 200m CHARTCHARTREUSE200mPE 0.8/15lb
SALTIGA DURA X8 #1.0 (18lb) 200m CHARTCHARTREUSE200mPE 1.0/18lb
SALTIGA DURA X8 #1.2 (21lb) 200m CHARTCHARTREUSE200mPE 1.2/21lb
SALTIGA DURA X8 #1.5 (26lb) 200m CHARTCHARTREUSE200mPE 1.5/26lb
SALTIGA DURA X8 #2 (35lb) 200m CHARTCHARTREUSE200mPE 2/35lb

Combining with MUSCLE PE is the inclusion of DAIWA’s famous Si2+ silicon coating. Not all braided line coatings are created equal, and Si2+ is the latest iteration of the technology which impregnates the individual fibres rather than coating them, for a long-lasting finish which aids in hydrophobicity and line management.

Saltiga DURASENSOR has been tweaked and perfected for the Australian market, with lighter weight offerings in the distinct chartreuse colour with the addition of dark green markings every 10m with light blue markings every 15m to aid in bite detection on slack line techniques. These lighter weight sizes from PE #0.6-#2.0 are available in 200m spools and are the perfect size to either topshot 2 smaller spinning reels or to completely fill a standard depth Daiwa spin reel with the full 200m.

In the larger sizes, Saltiga DURASENSOR X8 is available with traditional multi-colour marking and in larger 300m spools, perfect for chasing harder fighting fish where you need larger capacity reels which hold a full spool of 300m of their given size.